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Utility Billing

New Online Payment Option for Utility Billing

The City of Devils Lake has recently set up online bill pay and paperless statements through Xpress Bill Pay:

How it works

Instructions for setting up your account

Mobile app option

Going paperless

How To Change Utility Services Into Your Name

To change the utilities into your name at a business or residence contact the Utility Billing Department by calling (701) 662-7600, ext. 1 or stop into City Office located at 423 6th Street NE. We must read your water meter before you move in.

What Are The Fees To Put Services Into Your Name

We do not require a deposit to transfer services into your name, however, there is a new customer account fee of $15.00 or a change the responsible party fee of $7.50. If there is no meter in the residence/business there is a $35.00 meter installation or re-installation fee that will be charged. All charges will be included on your first bill.

What Utility Services Are Included With Your Utility Bill

Your City of Devils Lake utility bill contains several different charges. Below is the rate information on which each charge is based. Utility bills are sent out monthly. If you are not in a residence/business for a complete month, your first bill will be prorated based on the number of days of service you received.

Current Fees and Rates

Current utility rates:

Water Usage Fee - this charge is based on the amount of gallons of water you use per month. The current rates are per 1,000 gallons is $3.20.

Water Services Fee - this fee is a minimum charge each month and includes a water source replacement fee, curb stop replacement fee, and a water service fee which is based on the size of your water meter. The fee is $10.00 per month for a meter up to 1 inch (standard size for residents). There is an additional fee of $2.50 per month for meters 1 inch up to 4 inch, and a $5.00 per month fee for meters 4 inches and larger.

Sewer Usage Fee - this charge is a minimum fee per month of $12.50 for up to 3,740 gallons. If you use more than the minimum per month you are charged at a rate per 1,000 gallons at $3.35. **Note: we have sprinkling rates which go into effective from May 1st through October 31st. Sprinkling rates give you a break on the sewer charge during these months. We use the non-sprinkling months (Nov - April) to figure out your normal utility usage. Anything used above the non-sprinkling months usage you are not billed for during this time period because we presume you are watering your lawns, etc. and the water is not going down the sewer.

Streetlight Fee - this is a minimum charge per month based on the type of dwelling unit. This charge is to pay for all the downtown streetlights. It is not to pay for anything in front of or near your property. The fee for a single family residence is $2.25 per month. Multifamily residential and apartment dwellings are $2.25 per month, plus $2.25 per month for each dwelling unit. Trailer courts are $2.25 per month, plus $2.25 per month for each dwelling unit. Business, commercial, and industrial are $3.50 per month, per business.

Garbage Base Fee - this charge is a minimum fee per month of $12.00. For residential accounts only this does include curbside recycling service, every other week.

Garbage Can Service - this is a per month fee for the number of 32 gallon garbage cans you want us to pick up each week. This is once a week service. The fees per can are as follows: 1 can, $7.50, 2 cans, $15.00, 3 cans, $22.50, 4 cans, $30.50, 5 cans, $41.00, additional cans (each), $10.00. Click here for complete details on this type of service.

Garbage Bag Service - there is no charge for this type of service. This is once a week service. Garbage will only be picked up when placed in specially marked City bags that must be purchased at various locations. Click here for complete details on this type of service.

Garbage Dumpster Service - this is a per month fee based on the number of pickups and size of the dumpster that is serviced each week. This service can be once a week up to six days a week, Monday through Saturday. Click here for complete details on this type of service.

Mosquito Control Fee - this is a monthly fee per residential and commercial utility account. The fee is $2.00 per month, per account.

Payment Options

Check/Debit or Credit Cards

Pay by check (by mail, in person, or in our drop off box located in the front entrance of City Hall at 423 6th Street NE). Return of check by financial institution, per transaction is a $20.00 fee.

You may also pay by debit and credit cards (all cards accepted). There is an additional $3.00 charge per transaction when you use a debit/credit card.

Auto Pay

We are pleased to offer you the Automatic Payment Plan (APP). Now you can have your payment made automatically from your checking or savings account. And, you won’t have to change your present banking relationship to take advantage of this service. There is no cost to you. Return of ACH payment by financial institution, per transaction is a $20.00 fee. The Automatic Payment Plan (APP) will help you in several ways:

    • It saves time - fewer checks to write
    • Helps meet your commitment in a convenient and timely manner - even if you’re on vacation or out of town
    • No lost or misplaced statements, your payment is always on time
    • It saves you postage
    • It’s easy to sign up for, easy to cancel

Here’s how the Automatic Payment Plan (APP) works:

You authorize regularly scheduled payments to be made from your checking or savings account. Then, just sit back and relax. The authority you give to charge your account will remain in effect until you notify us in writing to terminate the authorization. You will still receive a monthly statement and it will be noted on the bottom that this bill is to be paid by checking or savings and to not pay. Then between the 8th through the 10th of the following month your account will be drafted. APP is convenient, dependable, flexible, and easy. To take advantage of this service, complete the authorization form below and enclose a voided check or if from savings a deposit slip and return it to us.

Auto Pay Application Form - printable form
Auto Pay Application Form - fillable form

Past Due Utility Bills

Past due utility bills are charged a past due fee of 1%, per month on the unpaid balance over 26 days.

Utility bills which are more than 60 days past due will receive a disconnect letter. If arrangements or payments are not made by the date listed on the letter water service will be shut-off. If water is shut-off a $25.00 fee will be charged and payment in full is due before water will be turned back on. If a payment is collected at the time of shut-off there is a collection fee in lieu of shut- off charged in the amount of $15.00.

Stopping Water Service and Charges

To stop billing charges for water, sewer, and garbage, the water meter must be removed from the premises. Call (701) 662-7600, ext. 1 to schedule a date and time for removal. There is a $35.00 re-installation fee.

Going On An Extended Vacation Or South For The Winter

If so, you may contact City Office at 701-662-7600, ext. 1 and let them know your date of departure and return (must be greater than 1 month). If the water meter is not removed, the customer will be credited for can charge only for all months no water is used. If all services are disconnected (removing the water meter), no utility services will be billed while you are gone but when the water meter is re-installed, you will be charged a re-connect fee of $35.00.



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