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Shade Tree Program

TreesSince the beginning of the Shade Tree Program in 1977 thousands of trees have been planted in the Lake Region by various individuals and organizations.  Flowers and tree decorations adorn our byways and the uptown district lending a welcoming atmosphere to the City.  The acceptance of the Highway No. 2 Enhancement Project, by the City Commission will, with continued maintenance, increase the beauty of the two mile stretch through the City, enticing travelers to remain in the Lake Region.   

The Shade Tree Committee is composed of individuals as required by the City Ordinance and meets the first Friday of the month,
March through September, at the City Fire Department at 12:00 p.m.  The public is invited to attend and take part in the
meetings.  Discussion involving complaints, equipment purchasing, and community participation (partnership through planting),
are the major topics.  Questions regarding meetings and forestry work can be answered by contacting Fire Chief Jim Moe or
Assistant Chief Cory Meyer at the City Fire Hall, 621 College Drive North.

Planting and disease information are available from Jim and Cory, or by contacting one of our local nurseries; Mark's Greenhouse,
Superb Services, or Landscapes Unlimited.  The Ramsey County Extension Agency and Soil Conservation Service under the direction
of Bill Hodous and Randy Ystaas, respectively, are the focal points in our area for further information regarding plantings
of trees and diseases. Contact numbers for both agencies are as follows: Bill Hodous, (701) 662-7027, Randy Ystaas, (701) 662-4088.

The City of Devils Lake’s shade tree crew plants and maintains trees on the boulevards and on City rights-of way. They trim
trees, remove diseased trees, and plant new trees. The program is supervised by the Devils Lake Shade Tree Committee
and the Fire Department. Each year the Shade Tree budget provides for a limited number of free trees to be given to
homeowners for planting on their boulevards. The homeowner is then responsible for watering and caring for the tree.
If you have a question regarding planting a tree or removing a tree from your boulevard, please call the Fire Department at
(701) 662-3913.

Shade Tree meeting minutes are available in the office of the City Engineer

Shade Tree Board Members

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