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Business Fire Safety

How safe is your business? Find out by taking this quick survey.

  Are fire extinguishers up to date? (Should have a date stamped that is less than a year old)
  Are fire extinguishers mounted properly and free of obstructions? (Should be between 4 and 60" from floor and nothing within a 36" radius of the extinguisher)
  Is the hood system inspected and up to date? (Required to be inspected twice a year - date tag should be less then 6 months old)
  Are sprinkler heads free from obstruction? (Storage should not be within 18" of the head and nothing hanging from the head)
  Are fire doors properly working and free from obstruction? (They are not permitted to be propped open by wedges or any other temporary device)
  Are rolling fire door/shutters tested annually? (They are required to be drop tested once a year)
  Do you have an adequate number of fire extinguishers? (They should be placed so travel distance does not exceed 75 feet or where there is a significant hazardous area to protect such as kitchens)
  Are exit doors clearly marked, illuminated and free from obstruction? (They are required to be identified with signs that are internally or externally illuminated)
  Are all exit doors unlocked?
  Are all exits well lit?
  Are all electrical plates and outlets free from exposed wiring? (Cover plates are required, no open junction boxes are permitted)
  Are extension cords used properly? (They are for temporary purposes and not used as a substitution for permanent wiring)
  Are electrical panels kept clear at least 36 inches from storage?
  Are gas cylinders secured to prevent tipping?
  Are hallways and storage spaces free of accumulated rubbish?
  Is storage kept 24 inches from the ceiling?
  Is your address properly posted? (2 1/2 inch height minimum)
  Are fire lanes clearly posted and marked?
  Are combustibles kept a safe distance from any heat source? (Minimum of 36 inches)
  Are flammable liquids properly used and stored? (Must be stored in an approved cabinet)
  Are employees trained in fire safety and able to use a fire extinguisher?
  Are fire drills conducted frequently?
  Are employees aware of the location of fire extinguishers and exit doors?
  Are safety issues enforced at all times? (Do you have a written policy)
  Do you have a Fire Safety Plan?
  Are employees trained in this plan?
  Are hazardous materials properly labeled?
  Are hazardous materials properly stored and disposed of?
  Is propane used and stored properly?
  Do you have current MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) on site for hazardous materials?

Every "yes" response indicates a positive, fire-safety situation, but a "no" response indicates a potential fire hazard that needs to be corrected. If you have any questions, please call the Fire Department at (701) 662-3913 or (701) 662-8122.



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