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City Commission Meeting

Monday, July 1st, at 5:30 p.m. in the Commission Chambers at 423 6th Street NE
Please submit agenda items to the City Auditor by Wednesday, June 26th.

Special accommodation requests for attendance at City meetings may be directed to Terry Johnston at (701) 662-7600, ext. 1.

City Commission scheduled meeting dates for 2019

Fund Raising Opportunity

Is your group or organization looking for a fund raiser to earn extra money?  The City of Devils Lake pays groups $250.00/weekend to pick garbage along Highway 2 throughout the summer months.  If your group/organization would be interested, please contact Helen Carlson by emailing or calling (701) 662-7600, ext. 2. 

Job Openings

Public Ways Operator I
U.S. Census Bureau Temporary Positions

Street Maintenance

Let the City know about a pot hole that needs repair call (701) 662-7605 or email the Street Department.

Street Sweeping Schedule 


Sale Dates:  No person shall sell or offer for sale at retail within the City any fireworks on or before June 27th or after July 5th.

Use Dates:  No person shall within the City set off, explode, or detonate any fireworks before July 1st or after July 5th.

Hours of Use:  No person shall set off, explore, or detonate any fireworks other than during the hours of eight a.m. to eleven p.m.

Devils Lake Downtown Improvement Project

Devils Lake Downtown Improvement Project Facebook Page

Garbage Related Items

2019 City Calendar

List of Holidays/No Garbage Pickup


Free Landfill Dumping For City Residents On The Following Saturdays

City residents with a residential City account with can service (not available to accounts that have dumpster service) can go to the inert landfill for dumping on the following Saturdays: July 13, August 10, September 14, and September 21. The landfill will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  No appointment is necessary. Listen to the radio for landfill closures due to rain. If the landfill is closed due to rain, the Saturday will NOT be rescheduled.

Inert Landfill Acceptable/Non-Acceptable Items

New Parking Ticket Fees - effective January 1, 2019

Fines for not moving your vehicle for street maintenance (snow removal and street sweeping) have changed

Summer Fees - May 1st through October 31st

Residential Areas - $15.00
Downtown Areas - $25.00
Downtown Public Parking Lots - $80.00

Winter Fees - November 1st through April 30th

Residential Areas - $30.00
Downtown Areas - $50.00
Downtown Public Parking Lots - $80.00

Safety and Prevention

Text-A-Tip Line
The tip line can be called or texted in order to report information about: Weapons, Violence, Drugs, Alcohol, or any safety concerns. The tip line is anonymous and will be administered and responded to by local law enforcement. The Text-A-Tip number is 701-350-0792.

Receive community information instantly! Sign up at today! It's quick, easy, and secure!

Learn about Identity Theft, Sexual Assault, Methamphetamine, and Sex Offenders

Learn about Home Fire Safety, Holiday Safety, Weather Safety, Carbon Monoxide, Poison Prevention and more

Call Before You Dig
Planting a tree? Digging a hole for a mailbox? Installing a fence? Call North Dakota One Call at either 1-800-795-0555 or 811 or do your locate online at to make sure that you don't run into any underground utilities. There are a number of utility lines buried on your property - electric, telephone, gas or propane, water, sewer, and cable tv. If you have any questions regarding the One Call procedure, or need information before making the call, you may call the City Engineer's office at (701) 662-7600, ext. 2. Click here to learn what the color codes mean. It's free, it's simple, and it's the law!

Mosquito Spraying

Aerial Mosquito Spraying is scheduled for Tuesday, July 2nd, between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. When you hear the plane overhead, it is a good idea to remain inside while the application is taking place. In the event the weather conditions are not favorable for spraying, the application will take place on the 3rd.

The City of Devils Lake uses 2 trucks to spray for mosquitoes when conditions require. In order to spray, wind speed cannot be greater than 10 mph and temperature at least 55 degrees F. Aerial spraying for mosquitoes will be done for the 4th of July and Labor Day holidays. The City uses larvicide briquettes and granules at breeding sites to help prevent mosquito hatches. Help control mosquitoes and don’t let YOUR yard become a breeding site. Get rid of anything that holds standing water.

City Guidelines For Recreational Fires

For Your Information

City Garden Plots

To reserve a City Garden Plot or for more information contact the Engineering Department at (701) 662-7600, ext. 2 or stop by City Hall. The City provides 146 garden spots for those City Residents who don't have space to plant a garden at their home.

Zoning Violation - Campers, RV's
Campers, RV's, and other such uses are not permitted on personal property except for personal use (one per residence). Any person who violates any provision of this ordinance is subject to a $500 fine plus expenses. Questions can be directed to the Assessing Department by calling (701) 662-7600, ext. 2.

Sidewalk Replacement Program
Is your sidewalk a trip hazard? Call the City Engineering Department at (701) 662-7600, ext. 2, to see if the City will pay 50% of the replacement cost.

Blocking Off A Street/Alley/Public Right Of Way
Before blocking any portion of a street, alley, or other public right of way, call the Engineering Department for a permit, (701) 662-7600, ext. 2.

Senior Citizen/Veteran Tax Credit
Are you 65 or older? Are you disabled? Are you a disabled veteran? You may be eligible for a reduction in your real estate taxes or a partial refund of the rent you pay. Call the Assessor's Office at (701) 662-7600, ext. 2, for more information.

Tree Vouchers
The Devils Lake Shade Tree provides vouchers for homeowners to plant trees on the boulevard. Check with the Fire Department at (701) 662-3913 for more information.


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